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Legal Advice & Representation for Property Landlords

Evicting Tenants

At Carltons Solicitors, we act for residential landlords and can guide you through evicting a tenant from your property.

If your tenancy agreement has come to an end and you wish to take possession of the property you will have to serve a valid Section 21 notice if your Tenant does not vacate the property voluntarily. The tenancy agreement usually has a specific provision in relation to eviction.

We will serve a section 21 notice to your tenant. This will provide a 2 month statutory period in which they have to vacate the property. If the tecontact usnant has not left within this time we will issue possession proceedings in the County Court. Once this has been done, the Court will allow the tenant 14 days to file a defence. If a defence is not forthcoming, we will write back to the court asking for an eviction date. The Tenant should then normally leave on the date the court have ordered. However, there are times where the Tenant will still not leave despite the court order. We will then have to make an application for a Bailiff to evict the tenant.

If the matter goes through as above, Carltons Solicitors normally charge a fixed fee for this service. Please call us today for a cost quote

Suing Tenants for Damage to Property

We can also sue your tenant if they have not paid rent or have damaged the property in any way. Contact us for further advice.

Evicting Squatters from Property

We evict trespassers/squatters if they are unlawfully occupying your property. Please contact us to discuss your case

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