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Debt advice for lenders and borrowers

Here at Carltons we will aim to take the pain and stress out of dealing with your debts.

In addition we also help with people who are owed money with our Debt Recovery services.

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I owe someone money and need advice.

If you owe someone money or find yourselves in debt then do not fear; we can offer assistance. Here at Carltons we have vast experience in liaising with third parties to ensure the best repayment plan suited to your needs.

With the current financial climate, more people are finding themselves to be in financial difficulty. This may lead to not being able to pay bills on time or falling behind with mortgage payments.

At Carltons Solicitors we can provide you with the support and guidance to speak to your creditors and try to agree a debt management plan. Please contact us today for a consultation

We aim to resolve the matter as quickly as possible. We will aim to resolve matters initially by telephone, letters and negotiations with lenders and creditors. If this approach fails then we will issue proceedings if this is appropriate.

Contact Carltons Solicitors today to lighten the weight on your shoulders.

Someone owes me money and I need help to recover it.

If you are owed money then we can take the necessary steps in recovering the debt for you.

We can issue the individual/company with a demand for payment. If the payment is not forthcoming within the stipulated timescales, we will issue proceedings in the court. We have a wealth of litigation experience and we can issue either bankruptcy or liquidation proceedings depending on whether the debt is owed by an contact usindividual or a company.

Court proceedings for debt recovery

We will have to issue a claim form where we will provide the court a brief background as to how the debt came about.

The defendant (debtor) will then have 28 days to admit to the debt or to deny that it is due. If the Defendant admits to the debt then we will obtain a judgment for the value of the debt. We can then take the necessary steps to enforce the judgement.

If the Defendant denies that the debt is due he will have to then file a defence. The matter will then proceed to trial.

If you have a debt that is owed to you, please contact us for a consultation.

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